Friday, July 14, 2017

Latest Health Care Proposal

It is worth looking at the "new" health care bill proposed today. Frankly it is a minor set of amendments to the ACA. It is NOT a repeal, it is at best an editing. One should remember that the core of the ACA remains.

This Bill:

1. Keeps the near confiscatory Medicare Tax on everything an over-65 person has. Sell a house, sell some stocks, sell a car, get taxed 3.75% on the gross. Where does it go? To support some Millennial who wants to follow their dream!

2. It continues to squander money on entities such as PCORI

3. It continues to allow the USPSTF to dictate what is allowable medical care and practice.

The list goes on!

The Senate and the House have accomplished nothing! Wait till November 2018!