Friday, July 14, 2017

Strange Analysis

In a recent report by one of the left wing Washington Health Care think tanks they state:

The U.S. ranked last on performance overall, and ranked last or near last on the Access, Administrative Efficiency, Equity, and Health Care Outcomes domains. The top-ranked countries overall were the U.K., Australia, and the Netherlands. Based on a broad range of indicators, the U.S. health system is an outlier, spending far more but falling short of the performance achieved by other high-income countries. The results suggest the U.S. health care system should look at other countries’ approaches if it wants to achieve an affordable high-performing health care system that serves all Americans. 

The New Scientist reports on this result:

A comparison of health systems in 11 wealthy nations has found the US falling short by multiple measures, while the UK’s National Health Service leads in several categories. “We measured performance quality across five domains, and the USA fell short in all five,” .... The domains were ease of access to healthcare, how equal access is to people of different incomes, administrative efficiency, how well the care process works for people who use it, and how good the health outcomes are.

Now the CEO of this think tank was a prominent figure in the development and deployment of the ACA, Strange that his work has led to this disaster.

However if one looks more objectively we have the NHS in the UK depriving parents of their rights and also having the highest death rate from cancer in the developed world due to the rationing of care. Thus if you chose your criteria to meet your desired conclusion I guess the US can be considered the worst! 

Ironically it was, in my opinion, the think tank CEO's role in the EHR space that led to the massive administrative inefficiencies! So who to blame?