Monday, October 19, 2015

How Long Will Microsoft Survive

One thing I learned in business was "If all else fails, listen to the customer." That apparently never occurs to Microsoft. Take a recent complaint about updates on W10.

As PCWorld notes:

If there's one Microsoft policy that has drawn the ire of IT managers over the course of its Windows 10 rollout, it's the company's decision to require that all users install cumulative updates without control over which packages a system receives. It's such a point of contention that a group of thousands of grumpy customers have petitioned company CEO Satya Nadella to change Windows 10 update practices. Customers want more control over what's added to their systems, but they're also concerned about what happens when they can't avoid installing an update that breaks key functionality. Cumulative updates include all the updates Microsoft has released for the branch of Windows 10 a customer is using. 

This is just another one of hundreds of "it's our way or the highway" attitude of Microsoft. I think I have finally disabled the never ending attempts to download and install W10 on perfectly fine systems. But on W10 apparently no chance!