Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kendall Square

I have seen Kendall Square for well over 55 years and have seen it from the days of a well worn 19th Century factory location to what it is today, a hub for biotech.
In a recent article at A Slice of MIT they discuss the evolution of the area. They state:

As part of the new initiative, the MIT Museum will move to a new building next to the T station, opening out onto a park with Ping-Pong tables, fire pits in winter, public art, and other amenities…all ventures will set aside 5 percent of their square footage for ‘innovation space.’” ...“‘You could imagine years from now going and tracing something back to Kendall Square that really changed the world,’ says MIT Treasurer Israel Ruiz “If through our efforts we will have made it possible to solve something that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to solve, that will be the best prize.”

The problem that the seem to have missed, and missed in a really big way is that of traffic flow. It appears that Google has absconded with all the parking places in the Marriott garage, and the parking rates if one exist have gone from $11.50 a day to over $50! Beats mid-town New York. Public transportation on the T is useless if you are trying to get to one of the buildings inside the area, halfway between the Green and Red Lines. Traffic flow still has to deal with the narrow streets great for 18th century horse traffic.

It would have been nice if MIT and the City of Cambridge would have done some Urban Planning. Just putting in more buildings does not work. It comes to a stand still.