Friday, October 30, 2015

The Army and the Balloon

Government keeps giving and giving. If things seem down, just look to our Government for a good chuckle. Back to the Balloon. As ArsTechnica notes:
The wayward JLENS aerostat, which left a trail of power outages caused by the 6,000 feet of cable it dragged for over 160 miles on Wednesday, was hit by a barrage of shotgun fire to remove its remaining helium. Approximately 100 shotgun blasts were fired at the balloon by Pennsylvania State Police, according to US Army Captain Matthew Villa, an Army spokesperson, who said that firing on the balloon was the easiest way to remove the remaining helium gas in the grounded radar aerostat. The Army still has not determined how the JLENS aerostat broke loose. But the military has labeled the incident as a Class A mishap, an aviation accident classification for events that took no human life but caused over $2 million in property damage or caused injury. Anyone who suffered property damage from the JLENS' tether will have to file claims with the Army.

 Class A indeed. And try to ever collect from the Army. But it did show how to attack the Grid, just get a big balloon.

The key question is who will be held to account? This should be a career breaker for some gree suit.