Friday, October 30, 2015

The Government Again

I like Amazon, I mean I really like Amazon. If you have a problem they solve it near instantaneously and you are happy. Maybe we should have them take over the Government. They get things right, get them inexpensively, get them on time, and give customers satisfaction.

Now their only Achilles heel is that in the New York area they rely upon the USPS. Yes, the Post Office, yes the Government. During the winter the good old mailman just drops packages off on the snow pile, and I had better get there before the snow plows, yes again Town Government, gets to try and knock them off and crush them to bits. All too often the USPS looses packages but reports them delivered, and then when asked never responds. They are"tracking" the package but most likely it went to package heaven some where. The result is Amazon immediately sends a replacement. Good for Amazon and bad for the USPS.

You can tell the Government they messed up but you might just as well try and reach another galaxy. No one there and frankly they just don't care. Well why should they? They can't get fired, remember the Army balloon, they have great pensions, and in New Jersey they have multiple ones, and they get life long health care etc. And of course our taxes go up to keep them all happy.

So as we start off this campaign season, perhaps we could put a cardboard Amazon box up on the stage to remind us that someone does get it right and does think of us.