Friday, January 7, 2011

Battling Economists?

Battling Economists, yes indeed, there are a few out there that I just wonder about, especially a few on the West Coast, and yes even here in New Jersey.

I have been following the duel between one in the DC area, a libertarian, if I read it correctly, who has positions that generally are classic libertarian but do make considerable sense, a Hayek follower, and as such one who values the individual and is concerned about the excesses of the Government.

The battle is with one of those Berkeley types. one of that collection of what appears to be quite chubby, one may even say tending towards the morbidly obese, collection of academics from that institution, along with "Chuckles", the former in my opinion rotund economics prognosticator whose second anniversary of the announcement of "happy days being here again" comes on January 11th, not!

I do not see engineers, physicians, even lawyers doing this type of back and forth, perhaps because they are professionals with a profession whereas the economists are almost believers in cults, the cult of the left or right. They have plastered the cults with equations, but a cult is still a cult.

As for the problem at hand, the limits on natural resources, this is akin to the discussions in the early 1970s by the Limits of Growth and Club of Rome folks. They all have the hubris that they know the truth and that those dumb engineers over there will never come up with a solution. And time and time again the engineers come up with solutions. Perhaps that is why China is run by engineers, or is there some cause and effect that even runs deeper?