Friday, January 7, 2011

Employment Stats: December 2010

As is the usual case one must look at the data in some detail. Here goes:

This is the unemployment reported and unemployment based on the constant 2005 rate. There is a slight drop but the actual unemployment still hovers at 12% and that is not including the chronically unemployed.

This is the employment by sector. Again we point to the fact that Government plus Health and Ed accounts for 33% of the population when rounded up. Again that means that there are 2 real employees for every one on the Government dole. As usual we assume that both health care and education are in effect Government supported.

The above shows the percent of total in each category for January 2005 and December 2010. Construction has decreased as has manufacturing, Retail, Information, Goods producing, but Government, Ed&Health have health up ticks and so does Leisure and Professional. The Leisure we cannot explain.

The above then depicts the percent changes by category. This shows a 16-17% increase in health and education. Look at the drop in Production and Construction! This is the core problem. Things are getting worse and not better. We have more people in non-productive jobs and less creating things.

The above shows the month by month change by sector. We have the blip due to the mid year census employment and then we see generally a positive growth in Govt and Health & Ed and average zero swings in Manufacturing and Services. This seems to be an Administration Goal of boosting up the payrolls but in the end it is less real taxes and more expenditures. Hopefully the new Congress can stop this quickly.